Occupational therapist

Occupational therapist, Alex can’t imagine doing anything else: “I think it is the variety of people that makes my job as nice as it is, seeing their faces light up when we are doing something meaningful to them is the best reward.”


alexAlex works in Avonmore ward at Hammersmith and Fulham Mental Health Unit. Avonmore is an inpatient recovery ward where the aim is to get people well enough to go back into the community full time.

"My job is helping to set people up ready for discharge, setting them up with community services and getting them involved in activities that they enjoy. If they had a hobby before coming into hospital such as gardening or drawing we would try to engage people in those things again so they are doing things that are important to them."

Alex is part of a preceptorship training programme which helps staff in their development as practitioners. "We are a group of OT's from all different services in the trust. It has been really worthwhile as I've got to know all the different places that our patients are supported in from assessment wards to community services. We have been able to reflect on our core skills as OT's and learn from each other."

"Our hard work as OT's seems to be recognised as we have been featured in news stories on the Exchange (staff website) and mentioned on Twitter. I know they are only little things but it makes all the difference and you feel really valued."

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