Marcia Tharpe, from nursing assistant to Darzi Fellow

WLMHT provides leadership training and opportunities to progress within the organisation. Marcia Tharpe works at Broadmoor Hospital and has been with the trust for over 20 years.


Marcia Tharp

I started with the Trust in November 1993 as an A grade nursing assistant. Within a couple of years I enrolled on the NVQ programme starting with NVQ Level Two and progressing on to NVQ Level Three. During this time I also completed a course in counselling personality disorders, which was provided by Reading University and held at Broadmoor Hospital. Soon after an opportunity came up for a secondment to nurse training and I was successful in my application.

Following the three years training I returned to Broadmoor hospital as a staff nurse. In 2005 I was supported to apply for a secondment to the pharmacy to carry out a project on medication administration. I was given the opportunity to help deliver the medication training in Broadmoor. After a successful secondment I eventually took on the lead for this.

During the following few years I was involved in developing a secondary induction for new staff and I was a member of the training committee to offer training opportunities to all staff.

I have been able to access Leadership courses which have really helped me in my day to day practice within the team and have also helped me to continue to deliver quality care to patients.

During the last year I have been on secondment to the practice development team and also to the University of West London as a Lecturer/Practitioner. I have been supported throughout the whole of this year to be involved in a range of experiences that has enabled me to widen my experience and in turn be able to provide support to student nurses, preceptees and mentors.

Darzi Fellow
My next role within the trust is as a Nursing Darzi Fellow in Clinical Leadership. I will be responsible, along with teams,  for working throughout the trust to roll out a Nursing Accreditation and Assessment Tool that looks at providing the highest quality care to our service users.

From nursing assistant to Darzi fellow I have had support from all levels within the trust, through training opportunities and from my colleagues. I believe that the trust offers an excellent range of opportunities at all grades and will work with you to achieve these.

Marcia Tharp

What is a Darzi Fellow?

The Darzi Fellowship gives clinical staff the time they need to build their leadership skills outside of their normal clinical role. Fellows at WLMHT take on improvement projects while being mentored by a senior member of staff.

The Darzi Fellow in Clinical Leadership programme is a London-wide programme run by NHS London Leadership Academy.