Junior doctor

Donna Ayria is a foundation doctor training with West London NHS Trust. A Foundation doctor (FY1 or FY2) is a grade of medical practitioner in the United Kingdom undertaking the Foundation Programme – a two-year, general postgraduate medical training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training.


sprMy role as a foundation doctor here at the trust is really varied. We have the opportunity to learn from a whole range of experiences here at West London NHS Trust.  We've got the low secure department, medium security and then you have Broadmoor as well as our community services. For trainees just starting out in their career, there's so many opportunities,  it is a great learning environment.

A lot of us are responsible for inpatients, so we have ward's allocated to us. We also spend time doing assessments in prisons, in psychiatric intensive care units and we also have special interest days where we can pursue our own research.

I find it really rewarding being part of a patients journey. Seeing someone come in, quite confused, often very unwell and then help them through their journey to recovery and be able to sit and have dinner with them when we have a community meals or to be able to see them working in the shop and to buy a cup of coffee from them. I think those are the sort of things that really make it feel worthwhile.

I think believe wherever you work it is what you make of it. The good thing about this Trust is if you are enthusiastic and you take the initiative the trust gives back.