Mental health nursing is a rewarding career choice. You will be promoting and supporting a person’s recovery and helping them to have more involvement and control over their condition. 

Beth is a staff nurse on Lea ward, a medium secure rehabilitation ward in Thames Lodge, Ealing.

nurse"I’ve been working in the trust for a year now, but I did my training and placements here so I have a good basic knowledge of the different services provided elsewhere.

Before I came into mental health nursing I worked for the National Autistic Society supporting adults on the autistic spectrum. There was one young man that I supported who had autism and mental health problems and yet lived life to the full. If it were not for him, I may not have decided to do my nurse training. He really was my inspiration.

When I first started working in the trust I worked on a medium secure high dependency ward, when I found out I was moving to Thames Lodge I was a bit sceptical, scared even, as it was such a different ward to what I was used to. The reason I see this as a key point in my career is because I discovered that doing things that seem daunting can actually be a positive thing. Working on a very different ward has allowed me to use a new set of nursing skills which has helped me to grow and improve as a nurse.

I am passionate about ensuring that the patients in my care receive the best possible care and lead a life that is meaningful to them. The best and most enjoyable part of my job is the contact I have with patients, having the privilege to get to know them and supporting them through their recovery journey."