A new Broadmoor hospital

Broadmoor Hospital is more than 150 years’ old, so it really is time for a new one.

Our staff are constantly striving to provide the best possible care they can for their patients, so it’s important that we provide them with a fit for purpose environment in which to do so.

Since the hospital was first built in 1863, there have been significant advancements in mental health care and our new hospital, together with our revised clinical model and new ways of working will help maximise the clinical effectiveness of our treatments, enhance the patient experience and ensure positive outcomes.

Broadmoor-HospitalIn 2017, we’ll be opening a new £242 million high secure hospital. Its 16 wards surround the main hub of the hospital, the Central Building, specifically designed to complement our new model of care. A new layout, the latest technology and innovative treatments will encourage patients to take a more active role in their recovery and move around the site independently. This will not only make working at this facility more much more rewarding, but also provides additional time for staff to engage in therapeutic activities and look at how they can improve patient care.

We’ve been working on this redevelopment for many years and listening to the view of our staff from the very beginning. There has not been a decision on anything, from a piece of artwork to a window frame that they have not been involved in. We know that they are often best placed to decide what works and what doesn’t, so we plan to continue asking for their input as this historic project comes to an end and the future of high secure mental health care begins.

There really has never been a better time to join us.

broadmoor sign