Applying for the job

We want to make sure that submitting your application to us is as simple and easy as possible, but that it also gives you the best chance for you to showcase your skills and talent.

All of our current vacancies are advertised on our recruitment site and also on NHS jobs, we may advertise some of our jobs on other external sites, but you will always be redirected to NHS jobs to make your application.

  • Create an account. If you are applying through NHS jobs for the first time, you will need to create an account to submit your application. If you are already a registered user, you can simply log in to start your application straight away.
  • One online form for all. All applications are made through NHS jobs using the same online form to ensure that all applications are assessed fairly and are based on what you tell us about yourself. This is to ensure that everyone has the best chance to show us why they are perfect candidate for the role.
  • No CV applications. For the majority of jobs, we do not accept CV applications, so it is important to make sure that you let us know about all your relevant experience and skills in your application so we can make an informed decision as to whether we will invite you to interview.
  • Check your references. Before you submit your application, you need to make sure that you provide the name and the correct contact details for your references. Your references should cover a period of 3 years. If you are currently working for the NHS, we will only require one reference from your line manager.

Top tips

Show that you can meet all or most of our essential criteria. You should tailor your application to the role, using your relevant experience and skills to demonstrate how you meet the job description.


apply nowBefore you click send! Read through your application – take a few minutes to thoroughly read through your application once you’ve completed it to ensure any errors or omissions are corrected before submitting your application. You cannot edit your application once submitted.

Once submitted, you will receive an email from NHS jobs to confirm the receipt of your application. From this stage onwards, all communications will be made via our recruitment system – You will be able to log into to review and track your application with us.

Check your email! Please make sure you check your email inbox, including your spam and junk files.

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