Annual leave buying / selling scheme

Staff can reduce their leave entitlement by up to a week of basic contracted hours, or increase by a maximum of two weeks.

If you 'buy' leave, your salary is reduced by the additional number of days purchased. If you 'sell' leave, your salary will be increased by the number of days sold.

This is calculated by dividing your salary by 365 and multiplying by the number of days bought or sold.

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Car scheme

Our car benefit scheme is like Netflix for cars. For a fixed monthly amount, you get a brand new car and our partner Tusker sorts everything else at no extra cost.

That means car insurance, servicing, MOT, road tax, repair bills and breakdown cover. In fact, all you pay for is the fuel.

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Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are available to all employees using registered childcare for children from 0-16 years.

Childcare vouchers are available to all employees using registered childcare for children from 0-16 years. There is a wide range of childcare benefits available to staff at West London Mental Health Trust.

Childcare Vouchers are available to all staff of the Trust. If you pay for childcare, you can apply for Childcare Vouchers which provide you with significant savings. The vouchers can be used to pay for most types of childcare and are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions.

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Counselling and support

The Trust provides a counselling an stress management service, offering confidential assistance and advice for personal and work-related problems.

For more information, call 020 8354 8177.

Cycle2Work Scheme

Our Cycle2Work scheme is supported by Halfords and is a great way for you to get a great new bike for your commute to work, saving you money and helping you get fit at the same time.

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Health Service Discounts

Staff can get numerous discounts by signing up with a valid NHS email address. You get 5% off Virgin Holidays, 20% off Nandos and much more.

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Flexible working

We offer a variety of flexible working practices to meet the needs of staff and the service.

Every effort is made to accommodate flexible working as far as is reasonably practical; many staff within the Trust use some form of flexible working which includes arrangements such as flexi time, annualised hours, flexible retirement, and career breaks.

Our special leave arrangements include policies for parents and carers, adoption, civic and public duties, and study leave. We also offer a range of flexible retirement options.

We support our employees in any way we can to ensure they have a good work-life balance. This means we recognise the benefits of staff feeling they work for an employer who invests not only in their development but also in their well-being.

We are committed to improving the working lives of all our staff, and aim to be a first class employer by supporting staff to:

  • Combine work and home life effectively.
  • Enjoy a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Develop their careers through lifelong learning.

Incremental progression

Accelerated incremental progression is available for registered nurses after completion of the Trust's Precptorship programme in addition to the annual incremental rise.

There is also an incremental rise for those staff that complete the Care Certificate within the 12 week deadline to ensure that our support staff are valued for the work they put into gaining the Care Certificate.

Learning and Development

The Trust offers a wide range of development opportunities.

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Long service recognition

We recognise those staff who have worked with us for more than 20 years by inviting them to a special annual event where they are presented with a certificate and vouchers as a token of thanks for their dedication to the Trust.


The NHS Pension scheme has a reputation as one of the world's best. Staff can opt in to the scheme on joining the Trust or at any time during employment.

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Pre-retirement support

We want to ensure that staff who are retiring from service receive the support they need to enjoy the next chapter of their life to the full.

The Laterlife workshop is a facilitated workshop which covers all the lifestyle aspects of retirement. The key benefit is that the workshop isn’t just about passing information. The exercises and discussions assist you, and if appropriate your partner, to identify what is important to you personally and to identify the actions you need to take to ensure you enjoy and make the most of your retirement.

This course is offered to staff and their partners who are planning to retire within the next 2 years.

To book a place, please look for courses via the Exchange.

Relocation package

All staff are offered a relocation package of up to £8,000 if they are relocating from a distance of 40 miles or more.

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Retention - loyalty bonus

All  new Bank Band 5 registered nurses who are ‘bank only’ who have joined the Trust as of 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 are entitled to receive a £600 Loyalty Bonus during this period. The new bank band 5 registered nurse will receive the £150 bonus payment each time they work 487.5 hours.  Each £150 bonus payment cannot be earned in the less than 13 weeks.

The bank registered nurse does not need to provide evidence to receive the payments. This process is managed by HR and they will process the payments once the hours have been worked.

Temporary staff / Bank staff

Direct booking enables Bank staff to book themselves into vacant shifts using our Employee Online system if they meet certain criteria. This means you can book shifts to suit you and you aren't restricted to our office opening times.

You will need access to Employee Online to book yourself on to vacant shifts. If you do not have access, please email to obtain your login details.