Apprenticeship opportunities

In September 2016 the government introduced new public sector apprenticeship targets. For West London NHS Trust this means we will now be able to offer around 70 or more apprenticeships every year.

Why are apprenticeships important?

Rehab unitApprenticeships plays a key role in qualifying staff and providing progression opportunities. The aim is to create a motivated and flexible workforce who are encouraged, recognised and valued for their contribution to service users, patients and the community

Apprenticeships can contribute to improving patient care as they are designed and set out to ensure the full competence needed in terms of knowledge, skills and behaviour are achieved by the individual apprentice to meet the needs of our service.

What will we be offering?

There are four types of Apprenticeship:

  • _RHX3047Intermediate Apprenticeships for jobs and skills equivalent to 5 GCSE’s (or lower secondary skill level)
  • Advanced Apprenticeships equivalent to 2 A-levels
  • Higher Apprenticeships that extend from the equivalent to first year undergraduate (or Certificate of Higher Education) to post-graduate levels (such as Post Graduate Diploma or Certificate)
  • Degree Apprenticeships, which are a recent and innovative education model which combines university study and workplace learning to enable an apprentice to gain a full bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The Trust is not only looking to recruit apprentices to fulfill clinical, health and allied healthcare job roles, but non-clinical roles too.

What happens next?

The Trust is now embarking on an ambitious plan of recruitment in Apprenticeships which will begin in 2017.  More information will be available on this website soon.

Where can I go to find out more?

West London NHS Trust contact:
Carol Plows, Vocational Development Manager

Links to resources:

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