Leadership training

At West London NHS Trust we've developed a range of management and leadership programmes to support staff at various stages of their leadership journey.

From staff nurse to clinical leader
Aimed at Band 5 Staff Nurses who wish to gain the skills and knowledge required to move into clinical leader positions.
This newly developed programme has been created for Band 5 clinical inpatient or community staff working towards a clinical band 6 role and for newly appointed staff within a clinical band 6 role.
The aim of this programme is to support staff in developing themselves in readiness for a clinical leader role.
To increase staffs confidence in building and leading effective clinical teams by developing, leadership skills and a greater understanding of the role of a clinical leader and the value of this role.
The programme will enhance clinical decision making skills, along with the practical skills associated with interviews and presentations.
Managers will be active supporters throughout this programme, giving participants opportunities to implement and embed their learning when back on the ward or in the community.
BME Leadership programme
This programme won the HPMA 2018 awards and builds confidence, resilience and enables BME staff to raise their profile within the Trust. It builds on leadership strengths and equips individuals with tools to maximise performance, whilst exposing individuals to career enhancing opportunities. Read more
Lead by Example Programme

Our LEAD by Example programme aims to support to develop our manager’s leadership confidence and equip them with the skills to improve staff engagement and retention. This programme is made up of 6 days outlined below:-

Workshop Day 1: The psychology of leaders

The programme begins with an exploration of the principles of emotional intelligence; helping you to recognise and manage the emotional challenges of leadership and improve your management of the emotional reactions of those you lead.

The first part of the day will help you to lead by example by focusing upon self-awareness and self-management, using tools from mindfulness and resilience it will support you to identify any self-talk that may undermine your success and develop personal strategies to maintain your motivation.

The second half of the day will explore social awareness and relationship management. Using a powerful rapport building exercise, it will explore empathy as a component of motivational interviewing (MI) and explore how you might employ basic MI techniques to influence, to develop others and to support your colleagues.

Workshop 2 Quality Improvement

This is a half-day session and you will explore the QI cycle and how you can lead small improvements in your area to make WL NHS Trust life better for patients and staff.

Workshop Day 3: Coping with and leading organisational change

The human brain is not hard-wired to cope well with organisational change and in order to lead by example, we must first adapt to changes before we can lead our teams through them. This session explores common reactions to organisational change. It builds on learning from Workshop 1 in helping you to manage your own reactions to change, before looking at practical things you can do to help your team during times of change.

The day concludes with a powerful communication tool that can help people overcome their resistance to change.

Workshop Day 4: Shaping HR conversations

Building on the skills developed dealing with resistance to change the third training day will help you to feel more confident in leading two clear types of conversation – confronting and mining conversations. The first half of the day will demonstrate how to assertively open a feedback conversation about a specific performance issue.

During the second half of the day, you’ll experiment with a conversation framework that can be used where the purpose of an under-performance is not clear. You’ll learn how to end conversations with effective performance goals and how to give powerful positive feedback to motivate and recognise the efforts of your colleagues.

Workshop Day 5: The coaching leader

Part of the role of a leader is developing those around you and supporting your colleagues to develop new skills; this workshop focuses upon coaching tools.

It will highlight the distinction between problem focused and solution focused coaching. You’ll work in coaching ‘triads’ to support one another in overcoming challenges you may be facing. The day will explore two models for coaching that you can use with both individual colleagues and your team.

Workshop Day 6: Building high performance teams

The final workshop will explore team dynamics using experience from outside the NHS. Working with live exercises the session will look at how effective team functioning influences patient experience.

Coaching for Leadership Success 2019

Flourish as a manager and leader through one-to-one coaching.

Being a manager can be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. Our new coaching programme gives you the opportunity to progress with 3 x personalised sessions with an accomplished coach to enhance your leadership and management skills, perform at your best and achieve a good work-life balance. These sessions will also help you build on your own coaching skills to develop others.

Coaching sessions are personal, and bespoke to where you are in your journey as a manager. As such these energising, empowering, supportive and practical sessions will help support you in your management professional development goals and can be useful for everything from:

• Motivating, developing and inspiring your team
• Confidence, mindset, self-awareness and peak performance
• Strategic goal-setting, action planning, creative thinking
• Balancing being a compassionate and effective leader
• Self, time and energy management
• Finding your authentic voice, self, brand and power as a manager/ leader
• Delegating, facilitating, presenting and feedback-giving skills
• Influencing skills, personal impact and powerful communication
• Gaining and using coaching skills as a leader/manager
• Managing difficult situations, conversations and personalities
• Embracing and working with change, challenge and uncertainty
• Work-life balance, mindfulness, stress management and fulfillment.

About the coach: Rasheed Ogunlaru is a renowned executive coach, motivational speaker and business / life coach whose clients include Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, entertainers, managers, the public and several NHS Trusts including our own.

Here’s what staff that attended the first one to one coaching sessions said they’d gained:-

“A meaningful space for me to reflect on work-life balance. It was quite insightful to hear my own thoughts said out loud, either from myself, or when reflected back by Rasheed.”

“I discovered that what I initially thought I was lacking was not the case – that I actually have some level of control and that I need to figure out how to utilise it. I feel more consciously aware of when I am mentally present and the impact of my mental presence on others.”

“I gained confidence in the role I am currently undertaking and an opportunity to explore other ways to manage effectively.”

“The sessions enabled me to see things from a different perspective and this has given me more confidence.”

2 Hours 2 Learn
2 Hours 2 Learn are a series of workshops focusing on key management and leadership topics. Each session is 2 hours in length with the aim of fitting in around the diaries of our managers. The 2 Hours 2 learn sessions are aimed at supporting new managers and helping existing managers who may wish to refresh their knowledge.

For a full list of management training opportunities, take a look at our prospectus for 2019/20

Interactive prospectus

Find out more about our leadership programmes in our prospectus 2019/20

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From nursing assistant to Darzi fellow

Marcia TharpI started at the Trust in 1993 as a nursing assistant and today I'm a Darzi Fellow responsible for working across the trust to provide the highest quality care to our service users. I believe that the trust offers an excellent range of opportunities at all grades and will work with you to achieve these. Read more