Leadership training

At West London NHS Trust we've developed a range of management and leadership programmes to support staff at various stages of their leadership journey.

Introduction to clinical leadership
The course introduces you to established and newer aspects of what it means to act with leadership as a clinician working in contemporary health services. It covers:
• developing your sense of authority and your role in clinical decision-making
• contributing to improving the performance of the clinical team you work within
• Identifying and contributing to improvement initiatives across boundaries with other clinical teams.

From staff nurse to team leader

Aimed at Band 5 Staff Nurses who wish to gain the skills and knowledge required to move into Team leader positions.


BME Leadership programme
The programme builds confidence, resilience and enables BME staff to raise their profile within the Trust. It builds on leadership strengths and equips individuals with tools to maximise performance, whilst exposing individuals to career enhancing opportunities. Read more

2 Hours 2 Learn
2 Hours 2 Learn are a series of workshops focusing on key management and leadership topics. Each session is 2 hours in length with the aim of fitting in around the diaries of our managers. The 2 Hours 2 learn sessions are aimed at supporting new managers and helping existing managers who may wish to refresh their knowledge.

For a full list of management training opportunities, take a look at our prospectus for 2016/17

Interactive prospectus

Find out more about our leadership programmes in our prospectus 2016/17leadership brochure

From nursing assistant to Darzi fellow

Marcia TharpI started at the Trust in 1993 as a nursing assistant and today I'm a Darzi Fellow responsible for working across the trust to provide the highest quality care to our service users. I believe that the trust offers an excellent range of opportunities at all grades and will work with you to achieve these. Read more